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Fantasy Baseball And The Winning Strategy

Americans started playing fantasy baseball and creating a fantasy baseball league as early as the 1980s. Therefore, a fantasy baseball league is not the byproduct of the digital revolution. However, fantasy sports during the decade of the eighties was difficult if compared to the present time wherein fantasy gamers have access to Internet-based league management tools. In that era, the fantasy gamers are the same people who are responsible in determining the standings manually. During the early phase of the development of a fantasy baseball league the players rely on the sports page of the local newspaper. The local newspaper is the source of statistics when it comes to all major league players.

In the pre-Internet era of fantasy sports, the commissioner has the unenviable job of adding up every team's statistics in order to determine the week's standings. The players were obliged to call the commissioner of their fantasy league on Sunday nights so that they would know how their teams fared during the previous week of competition. It was also during Sunday nights when the fantasy gamers of that particular league call their respective commissioner in order to inform him of trades and the players that they picked.

The avid fans of the sport thought that the most fanatic among them would win every week. But they were wrong. They would find sooner or later that it is not how passionate you are with a particular sport but on how you know the ins and outs of the said fantasy league. The most important thing to consider is the ability to craft the correct strategy in order to win.

The strategy that a fantasy gamer should develop must be based on a scientific appreciation of the game. For example, focus on drafting starting pitchers who have an impressive record when it comes to strikeouts balanced by statistics on walks and hits divided by innings pitched as well as their earned run average. Another suggestion when it comes to creating a winning strategy is to draft ascending players as opposed to drafting those who were successful in the past and yet on a decline. It is difficult to resist the urge to draft players who are proven athletes, however, they may probably have reached their peak and could never achieve the same success as they did in the past. An ascending player on the other hand is someone who has lots of room for improvement. One tip with regards to ascending players is that their average age is usually in the range between 25 and 28 years old.


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